Employees of the Quarter

Amy Fritz

DRIVE Values: Excellence, Dependability, and Visionary

“Amy is a great contributor to this organization. Her excellence and talent exceeds that which is expected of her. She takes on any challenge or project, to not only turn it around in such a timely manner, she wows us with her creative gifts that really take EFG to the next level! Her support to the field team, JP and our entire company is greatly appreciated. Amy is one of the many ‘go-tos’ for her great knowledge, especially since she is such a problem solver. She can always be relied upon to deliver exquisite work, which shows the effort she puts in each and every day.”

Listen to Amy describe what Excellence and Dependability mean to her.

Brittany Cross

DRIVE Values: Excellence, Dependability, and Respect

“I can always count on Brittany to help me with whatever I need when I am in the field or at the office. Brittany has been instrumental in my training path and the impact she has had on my ability to better serve our agents and clients has been immeasurable. I am consistently impressed with Brittany as a professional. When an issue comes up, or someone needs an explanation that breaks down a process, she does it with professionalism, patience, and a desire to be a valuable part of finding solutions.”

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Malathi Thirumalaiswamy

DRIVE Values: Excellence and Dependability

“Malathi demonstrates EFG’s values of excellence and dependability by always going the extra mile to ensure her work is completed on time and with quality. During the months of September and October, Malathi’s team deployed 15 incidents and work orders to production. The work orders included Parts Wizard Spin, Driver’s Advantage, and GAP Tool updates. When deploying, Malathi and her team work an extra 2-4 hours, between the hours of 11:00 pm and 3:00 am, to ensure code is implemented correctly and functions as expected.”

Listen to Malathi describe what Excellence and Dependability mean to her.

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