Online Car Buyers

You’re Online, They’re Online.

So why aren’t you converting more eLeads to sales?


In EFG’s most recent national research study, 1,457 consumers shared their minds so you can gain a share of their wallet!

Online Research

How many consumers...






83% expect a response within 24 hours of sending an online vehicle inquiry.


Only 16% expect information immediately

or within the hour.

Customer want you to take the time to send thoughtful, helpful and informative online responses.


  Only 9% want a
      phone call
from you
      after they’ve
      submitted an

      online request to your



  43% say the more

     info you provide    
, the more apt
     they are to visit your


  45% rank poor
     spelling, grammar and
     punctuation as a top    
     3 reason not to
     business with you

Dealership Visit

Fewer customers expect the dealership visit to take more than one hour.

10% say they don’t want to visit a dealership at all


preferring to complete all of the selection and negotiation process online or by phone, only visiting the dealership for the final transaction.