Employees of the Quarter

Blake Ebenkamp

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Respect, Integrity, Visionary and Excellence

As shown above, Blake is about every value. If there is a claims adjuster to call on, it would be Blake. He is dependable, there when you need him, and there when you don’t. Since his first day, Blake has checked all the boxes. He continues to strive to be better at what he does. Blake is 110% an asset to our company.”

Eden Salgado

DRIVE Values: Dependability and Excellence

“Eden’s expertise was in full display in recent meetings involving a prospective new business partner. Eden answered every question asked, not only with confidence, but with the utmost professionalism. I have consulted with Eden on numerous occasions about our GAP claims process, and her knowledge has proven to be invaluable. No task has been too large, or too small for Eden to happily own and accomplish.”

Kristin Keeling

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Respect, Integrity Visionary, and Excellence

Kristin continues to go above and beyond to support the sales team at EFG.  On a Saturday, a dealership called upset because they could not rate three units in a row.  I reached out to Kristin for help and she jumped into resolve mode.  Kristin reached out to the dealership directly and figured out a work around until we could fix the issue.  Despite the difficulty, Kristin demonstrated nothing but EFG Values throughout the entire process.  I am grateful for people like Kristin and appreciate her more than she will ever know.

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