Employees of the Quarter

Craig Smith

DRIVE Values: Respect and Integrity

“Craig has been an invaluable contributor on a number of projects I’ve worked on this year, and I’ve watched him consistently set high bars for the values of integrity and respect. Working more closely with him, I’ve come to know Craig as a teammate who does what he says he will do, and does it with an uncompromising respect for the people he works with. His example has encouraged me to extend respect in situations where it has not come easily, and his ability to follow through means I’m never left in the trenches alone.”

Listen to Craig describe what EFG’s values mean to him.

LaJuna Piper

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Respect, Integrity, and Excellence

“LaJuna is the kind of employee that everyone would want on their team! She is organized, pays attention to detail and respects deadlines. She works long days to cover both her responsibilities and the responsibilities of her team members. Her work is commendable across the board. I appreciate her efforts in preparing the checks for a payment that was due the same day. She managed to print the check within the next few minutes, enabling us to postmark and mail the returns the same day.”

Listen to LaJuna describe what EFG’s values mean to her.

Priscilla Hernandez

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Respect, Integrity, Visionary, and Excellence

“Priscilla never lets me down and always finds a way to help. I wish we had a building full of people like her. She does not know how to pass the buck, and I love that about her. Not only does she help me, but the same goes for anyone and everyone. She is incredibly accessible and proactive, and has always shown diligence in striving to do her best. Priscilla is well liked by all her peers and loves learning new tasks. She shows a lot of respect for others and is very dependable. Priscilla is a joy to work with.”

Listen to Priscilla describe what EFG’s values mean to her.

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