Employees of the Quarter

Dave Gibbs

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Respect, Integrity, Visionary, and Excellence

“Dave had a client in Houston who needed new hire training. The only days he had available were on Thursday and Friday of that week. This normally would not have been an issue, but he was in Oklahoma City when he got the call. Dave told the client he would be there, arranging to pick up his clothes and training supplies by meeting his wife on the road. So after training all day, he drove from OKC to Houston – a 7 hour trip. The client was happy and Dave booked two more days of training. This is not the first time Dave has put in long hours driving between accounts, and I’m sure it won’t be his last. I know I can count on Dave and so can our clients.”

Nick Pappanastos

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Respect Integrity, Visionary, and Excellence

“Nick has continuously contributed to the sales LOBs in many ways. He’s involved in everything we do, truly cares about our departments, and brings good ideas to the table. Nick works tirelessly everyday, assisting in the sales process, and offering creative suggestions and unique approaches. As an example, he came up with the idea of coffee drops for the Independent channel. These drops became a key component to helping us close new accounts.”

Dave Strebeck

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Respect, Visionary, and Excellence

“I cannot explain how great Dave is. He has a way with our customers and shops that makes them feel like they are the only customer that matters. He makes the claim process a pleasure and truly enjoys his work. Dave helps everybody. He even agrees to help without knowing what’s being asked of him. Dave treats everybody really well with a smile on his face. He respects the customer’s time and understands their concerns when their car is out of service. Dave is not afraid to bring new ideas to the table to improve our current process and delivers quality results every time. He strives for excellence with both peers and customers. Dave is a great employee and a true asset to EFG.”

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