Employees of the Quarter

Chase Harper

DRIVE Values: Dependability and Excellence

“Chase is the embodiment of hard work. His capabilities can only be dwarfed by his potential. He has consistently reinvented himself to grow and flourish on different teams with new and challenging roles. Chase is a high performer and an inspiration to work with.

Cody Castillo

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Respect, Integrity and Excellence

“Cody possesses a wealth of knowledge, which is impressive, but his application of his vast knowledge is what shines the most. Cody has a very unique quality, a rare one, where he not only performs to a high level, but he also motivates and educates his teammates in such a manner that they also can perform at the same level. I also know that any advice or help I get from Cody will absolutely be “best practice”, so I trust him. He is a tremendous team player and always seeks opportunities to lift people up. Cody is synonymous with D.R.I.V.E.”

George Beikler

DRIVE Value: Visionary

“About a week or so before we changed our phone system, George came to my desk to ask a few questions he had thought about concerning the front desk, and how things worked on my end of the phone system. Even though he was busy getting things set up for the new phone system, George took the time to come to my desk to introduce me to the system and helped me get set up before we went “live”. He also did a session with the June relief team and myself the Friday before to make sure we were comfortable with how the system worked.

I am not a “techie” person by any means. George is an incredibly patient person and a great teacher. You can almost see the wheels turning when you ask a question. He has answered my questions and never once seemed irritated with me asking questions. He’s asked if I have encountered any issues and made some tweaks as needed. I nominated George for Visionary because he has thought ahead and looked for effective and efficient solutions to help us do our jobs. His help has been invaluable.”

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