Amy Fritz

Brand and Event Manager | Employed at EFG Since 2011

What is the one best reason to work at EFG?
At EFG, opportunity is endless. We are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table and bring them into fruition on a daily basis both within our individual departments and to the company as a whole. And, we are consistently recognized for our contribution by not only direct supervisors but also peers and upper management on a consistent basis. This is especially true when we put in the extra effort to turn something simple into something extraordinary.

If someone asked you what makes EFG better than its competitors, what would you say?
Our values aren’t just something we put in the boiler plate. They dictate how we live and act every single day. Due to some dishonest players, our industry is typically seen in a very negative light by many consumers. But, our values of more than 40 years are changing perceptions and bringing integrity to the industry as a whole. This is why I love working at EFG. Being genuine is important to me.

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