Hollis Goode

Regional Vice President, Dealer Services | Employed at EFG since 2006

What are you most excited about at EFG?
I am excited about our efforts to increase our exceptional level of service to current clients while expanding our national footprint. We’re constantly innovating by embracing the changing needs of our clients and their customers. This gives us significant opportunity to provide quality services to dealers, agents and lenders who serve thousands of customers.

What has EFG taught you the most, professionally?
In my time at EFG, I’ve learned many things, but one critical area of growth for me has been learning how to mentor more affectively. At EFG, we place a high importance on navigating through real-world scenarios. In this way, we maximize our mentees’ growth and productivity as well as our own. This has provided me with significant opportunity to better serve my clients by providing new perspectives to addressing and overcoming their challenges.

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