Brien Joyce
Executive Vice President, Specialty Services

Brien Joyce brings more than 41 years of strong, multi-disciplinary experience to his role as Executive Vice President of Specialty Services at EFG Companies. He joined the team at EFG in 2010, where he established relationships with U.S.-based credit unions, and expanded the reach of EFG’s specialty services products to Puerto Rico in 2011.  . EFG is presently the third party administrator for more than 100 credit unions and automotive dealership accounts in Puerto Rico, protecting more than 125,000 customers with EFG’s consumer protection products.  Brien’s primary area of focus is auto finance, enabling banking, finance companies and credit unions to better serve consumers through unique value-driven market strategies and ancillary product offerings. Prior to EFG, Brien served at General Motors for 25 years. He also served in numerous leadership positions at Saturn Corporation and the Chevrolet, Pontiac, Canada Group. Most recently, Brien was awarded the coveted EFG 2021 Top New Account Acquisition Award. Brien received his Masters of Education, Counseling & Student Personnel from Mankato State University.


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