Glenice Wilder
Vice President, Training and Inside Sales

Glenice Wilder brings more than 37 years of industry experience, and close to two decades of growing EFG’s capabilities and client base to her role as Vice President of Training and Inside Sales at EFG Companies. Glenice leads EFG’s training team, utilizing her extensive expertise in developing revenue and market share growth, along with improving operational efficiencies, to equip clients with skills and tools for sustainable performance improvement. She also directs EFG’s inside sales team in the development and execution of strategic sales initiatives to acquire new business at EFG. Prior to EFG, Glenice held several positions within Carl Singer & Associates, now Resource Automotive, giving her experience in nearly every aspect of an administrator, including service contract management and development, claims payments processing, and sales process mapping and implementation. Glenice is a certified PDP trainer and she is also Lifetime Master AFIP-certified.


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