With EFG, you have a dedicated partner from day one.
Our account representatives know the day-to-day business challenges that you face.

EFG’s Engagement Model

EFG’s engagement model brings twofold insight to our full-service clients

  • We get to know our clients’ businesses inside and out.
  • We understand the factors that drive your customers’ behaviors.

Acting as an extension of your dealership management team, our distinct engagement model speaks for itself:

  • F&I development and consulting to improve product penetration and overall profitability
  • One-on-one and formal classroom training to strengthen sales skills and ensure compliance
  • Regular review of monthly F&I production and reinsurance proformas


Doing Business with EFG is Easy!

EFG makes it effortless. We assign a formal transition team to engage all dealership departments to ensure your people are informed, trained, equipped and ready to do business.
It’s a simple 2-step process:

  1. Provide EFG with signed agreements.
  2. Schedule a call with your key managers for a Start-up Strategy Meeting, Product Installation Meeting and Training Install with EFG.


See what EFG can do for you!

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