WALKAWAY® for RV Dealers

The Freedom to Get Away From It All

Sales of big-ticket items like recreational vehicles are frequently among the first to suffer when consumer confidence is down. But with WALKAWAY® protection from EFG Companies, you can build their confidence and help drive sales by providing your customers with a financial escape plan that kicks in when they need it most, including times of involuntary unemployment and critical illness.

WALKAWAY gives your customers the confidence of knowing that if any of these events occur, they have the option to turn in their keys and walk away from their RV loan or lease — with no negative repercussions to their credit rating.

A valuable point of difference

WALKAWAY, the same program that inspired our award-winning Hyundai Assurance program*, helps you retain existing customers and attract new RV enthusiasts to your dealership by addressing one of the most common sales barriers — fear of financial commitment. By rewarding your customers with a complimentary WALKAWAY waiver, you’ll give them a reason to choose your dealership over others, and to make that big-ticket financing decision.

WALKAWAY® for RV Dealers

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*Hyundai Assurance 2008 – 2011


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