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You already know:

  • Consumers are loyal when their needs are met and when they feel valued.
  • Dealers are more likely to present auto loans that will increase their back-end profitability.

So how do you stand out?

Secure more auto loan and refinance loan volume by helping consumers save money with a vehicle service contract (VSC) from EFG.

With millions of consumers out of work and feeling cash-strapped, a VSC helps them save money when unexpected auto repairs arise. With a VSC on your auto loan, differentiate your offering for dealers looking to upsell more comprehensive coverage to their customers.

  • Increase perceived value among consumers and dealers
  • Insulate your loan portfolio and decrease loan defaults
  • Increase incremental revenue
  • Capture missed opportunities
  • Set your auto loan and auto refinancing offerings apart from your competitors

Right now, no one should have to choose between paying an auto loan payment or an unexpected repair bill. Call us today at 214-412-0997 and start differentiating your auto and auto refinance loans with today’s consumers.

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