EFG Client Success Stories

Hyundai Assurance

EFG: Changing the industry with the Award-Winning Hyundai Assurance.

  • 8% increase in unit sales within 1 year of rollout, while the industry declined by 21%
  • 53% increase in market share within 2 years
Hyundai Assurance

Bob Moore Auto Group

Cultivating continuous growth by staying two steps ahead.

  • 35% increase in unit sales
  • 6% increase in PRU
Bob Moore Auto Group

AM Companies

Instilling value drives sales, retention and referrals.

  • 150% increase in product penetration
  • 60% increase in PRU
AM Companies

Cantrell & Associates

Cultivating partnerships for lasting success.

  • 15 – 20%  increase in VSC sales
  • Utilizing EFG relationship to initiate new dealer business
Cantrell and Associates

Conklin Automotive Group

Increasing service drive income while elevating the level of customer service provided.

  • 57% increase in gross profit through service
  • 56% increase in average sales per repair order

Davis Moore Automotive Group

Setting the industry standard with a commitment to the consumer.

  • Consistent year-over-year increase in unit sales
  • 55% average penetration rate
Davis Moore Logo

EagleRider Motorcycles

Certified Pre-Owned Program increases unit sales by giving consumers the freedom to buy the pre-owned bike they want!

  • 44% penetration rate
  • 33% increase in unit sales within only 90 days
EagleRider Motorcycles

Moritz Automotive Group

Capitalizing on family values.

  • 27% increase in unit sales
  • 14% increase in PRU
Moritz Automotive Group


Bringing consumers back to powersports with consumer protection products.

  • 51% increase in lease volume within 1st year
  • 49% product penetration rate
MotoLease Logo

Mountain View Nissan

Increasing customer retention with MVP.

  • 100% increase in customer retention within 1 year
  • 85% customer retention rate
Mountain View Nissan

Novak Motors

Centralizing and streamlining F&I, while also providing a market-differentiating solution to drive business and increase revenue.

  • 24% increase in VSC penetration
  • 21% increase in PRU
Novak Motors

Ron Marhofer Auto Family

Award-winning PRU and product penetration growth.

  • 60% VSC penetration
  • 38% increase in PRU
Ron Marhofer Auto Group


Driving auto loan volume and beating the competition by moving beyond APR.

  • 500% increase in product upsells
  • 121% increase in net fee income

Vicars Powersports

Improving dealership absorption with an efficient and scalable service operations model.

  • 66% increase in absorption rate
  • Turned service drive from a cost center to a profit center
Vicars Powersports

Northwood University

Northwood University and EFG Companies drive industry innovation.

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