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How to Build Customer Relationships with Value Beyond a Low APR Message

When the economy is tight, customers are sure to scrutinize every penny when a big-ticket purchase is at stake. Yet a low APR alone isn’t enough to win their business. In a sea of same-sounding lenders, you need a full complement of services to address other important customer concerns, from unexpected repair cost to loss of income.

At EFG Companies, we understand the different needs of institutions working directly with customers or members, and those that offer indirect financing through dealerships. We work with you to develop custom product bundling and strategies to enable you to achieve your progressive growth goals by making you more effective with your target audience. With value-driven support, we enable you to:

  • Shift your message from a low APR focus to a value-based message
  • Close more loans and increase loan margins by giving them
    the confidence to sign
  • Open new streams of revenue with fee-generating products
  • Generate dealer loyalty by acting as a strategic partner
  • Engage customers throughout the loan cycle with after-the-sale opportunities


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