Appearance Protection Products

EFG’s Signature Protection Products: Adding Value Drives Revenue

There’s nothing quite like it: that showroom shine on a beautiful new vehicle—from the brilliant paint finish to the spotless interior. Unfortunately, over time, beauty fades and the aging process begins; those dents and dings take their toll. Now customers can turn back the hands of time and preserve their car’s face value: EFG has developed a distinctive portfolio of anti-aging products that keep vehicles looking beautiful—ensuring that your customers maximize trade-in value down the road.

Signature Finish® Appearance Protection

  • Exterior Protection seals paint pores with a smooth, glossy finish to protect and repair paint from damage by environmental elements such as tree sap, acid rain and bird droppings.
  • Interior Protection increases the life of upholstery fabric and carpet fibers with a chemical sealant that protects against spills, prevents excessive wear and fraying, helps retard fading and makes cleanup a snap. Interior Protection also contains a non-oily sealant that protects the life of vinyl and leather by protecting against fading and wear, creating a powerful stain barrier and preventing premature aging.

Signature Finish
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Signature Finish® Elite Appearance Protection

  • Elite Appearance Protection uses the latest in nanochemistry to create a highly durable protective ceramic coating, providing lasting interior and exterior protection. This coating can be applied to surfaces unprotected by traditional paint sealants, such as glass, chrome, and rubber trim.


Signature Finish® Dent Protection

  • Dent Protection removes the door dings and minor dents that prematurely age a vehicle’s appearance in a unique process that uses hand tools to manipulate the metal back to its original form without sanding, painting or body fillers. The process works from behind the area of damage, so in most cases, dents cannot be detected at all once repairs are complete.


Signature Finish® Tire & Wheel Protection

  • Tire & Wheel Protection provides coverage against road hazards—like sharp debris, hitting potholes, rocks, nails, glass, large objects, and more—that cause damage tires and wheels. Auto clubs and manufacturer’s warranties do not cover the actual cost of repairing or replacing damaged tires, so Tire & Wheel Protection allays customers’ fears about unplanned repair expenses or being stranded on the side of the road.


Signature Finish® Windshield Protection

  • Signature Finish® Windshield Protection provides coverage protecting the most vulnerable area of the consumer’s vehicle against chips and cracks up to 6 inches. There are no out-of-pocket expenses or deductible on any covered damage. Repairs and/or eligible replacements may be done at the selling dealership, customer’s home or office.


Signature Finish® Key Replacement Protection

  • Key Replacement Protection reimburses up to $800 for a lost, stolen or damaged vehicle key/remote. It also reimburses the cost of a taxi, rental or public transportation if same-day key replacement is not available. Key Replacement Protection also covers other keys on your customer’s keychain such as home or apartment, office, motorcycle or RV trailer keys.


Signature Finish® Excess Wear and Use Lease Protection

  • This Signature Finish® lease protection product protects consumers from the expense of repairing excessive wear and use items upon lease termination, or more than 90 days after the lease original scheduled maturity date.

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