F&I Development

Our Client Engagement Strengthens Every Initiative

The insight that EFG Companies brings to every client engagement is twofold. First, we know our clients’ businesses inside and out. And second, we understand the factors that drive your customers’ behaviors. As a result, our income development professionals are uniquely equipped to identify areas of opportunity in your business. We work closely with you to implement training programs, consumer protection products, and software solutions designed to maximize operational efficiencies and enhance customer service at every touch point, driving more sales.

Get More Sales by Utilizing Our F&I Consulting Services

To improve our clients’ product penetration and overall profitability, EFG Companies offers:

  • Development, implementation, and monitoring of F&I pay plans
  • On-site seminars to strengthen sales skills
  • Monthly review of F&I production
  • Review of claims issues with your service department
  • Review and balancing of billing statements with the office staff
  • Review of quarterly pro-forma and cession statements
  • Implementation, monitoring, and measurement of F&I contests and incentives
  • Assessment, recommendation, and implementation of sales desk policies and procedures

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