Common Sense Compliance

Compliance, Simplified.

Feel like today’s complex regulatory environment is impacting your profitability? Not sure where to begin when it comes to getting ahead on compliance?

If so, you are certainly not alone. That’s why EFG developed a practical compliance platform that helps to maximize client profitability, while following simple steps to significantly increase compliance standards across the entire dealership.

Online Compliance Training for All Employees

With EFG, you don’t get mouthfuls of compliance legalese, but rather clear, actionable information. We operate as an extension of your management team, providing:

  • Initial health check, risk assessment and analysis
  • Process documentation of seven core processes
  • Online compliance video training library
  • Full learning management system with reporting
  • Optional deal jacket review
  • AFIP certification training

Take the difficulty out of compliance with a common sense approach.


Achieve Compliant Profitability

Download our podcasts and watch our Common Sense Compliance® videos to see just how easy and time-efficient compliance can be.

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