Recruiting Services

Numbers Don’t Lie

  • 65% — the percent of dealers who indicate that recruiting and hiring great people is their #1 challenge – more than increasing store traffic or maximizing revenue.
  • $75,000 – the cost to your dealership for every Poor Hiring Decision® (P.H.D.)


Put Your Dealership on the MAP with the Right People, the Right Fit.

People are a dealership’s greatest asset – and often its greatest challenge. In our nearly 50-year history, EFG’s Recruiting Services has placed hundreds of Top Performers at automotive dealerships across the country. We have built a deliberate core competency sourcing high-quality candidates through advertising, referrals and on-campus interviews. To further our goal of being a premier provider of dealership recruiting needs, we have conducted extensive, proprietary research to identify the core qualities of Top Performers. With this Top Performer Profile, we have built a powerful tool to match individuals whose personality characteristics and work style will make them successful in the retail automotive dealer space.

EFG’s recruiting goal is “the right person in the right place”. If you’re interested in learning more about our Top Performer Profile, click here.

Let Your Competitor Have the P.H.D.®

Cost of a P.H.D.

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