Signature Security®

EFG’s Signature Security Theft® Protection Sends Thieves Scurrying

State-of-the-art theft protection safeguards your customer’s investment and adds another line item of per-unit profit for your dealership. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds in the U.S. Vehicle theft comes at a high cost — especially for car owners, who often suffer financially devastating effects. A beautiful car is irresistible to a thief; he can be in it in less than a minute — unless the owner has protected the car with the theft deterrent products in EFG’s Signature Security® Theft Protection product portfolio.

EFG Helps Cars Play “Hard to Get”

EFG’s Signature Security® UV Body Labels are a covert marking system that is applied by your car dealership’s trained technicians to six hidden panels on your vehicle, such as the underside of the hood and trunk lids and next to the locking mechanism on each car door. The marks are not visible under normal viewing conditions, but once your vehicle is marked, the “UV” labels penetrate the paint finish to provide a permanent ID that glows when exposed to a “black” or ultraviolet light.

EFG’s Signature Security® Window Etch is an overt marking system that is expertly applied by trained technicians at the car dealership and serves as a “Stop” sign in most instances of attempted theft. If your car is stolen, however, Window Etch enables easier, quicker vehicle identification by law enforcement officers and facilitates faster recovery of your vehicle. The permanent, Window Etch window stencil is applied to the bottom right corner of the front and rear windshields, the bottom corner of the door window above the door handles, and the corner of any rear window, t-top or sunroof.

The UV Body Labels and Window Etch Systems may also lower insurance premiums.

  • Auto insurance deductible reimbursement of $500 on comprehensive/collision
  • Deductible reimbursement of $500 on homeowners/renters insurance for any valuable stolen with car
  • Car rental/alternate transportation up to $750 related to a stolen vehicle incident
  • Trip interruption up to $375 related to a stolen vehicle
  • Storage reimbursement up to $250 related to a stolen vehicle incident
  • Towing up to $100 related to theft

(Please see contract for full product details)

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