Debt Protection Products

Close Deals With EFG’s Portfolio of Lifestyle Maintenance Products

Customers worry about the possibility of catastrophic life events that can flatten them financially – and often this insecurity is the biggest barrier to closing a deal. Allay your customers’ fears with EFG’s comprehensive offering of lifestyle maintenance products that will release them from lease or loan obligations in the event of involuntary unemployment, physical disability, vehicle theft and total loss.

Only EFG offers such outstanding choices in consumer protection. Customers will “sign on the line” when you offer our WALKAWAY® and Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) programs—as soon as they learn they’ll be free to walk away from their loan or lease payment without impacting their credit rating, regardless of their age, health, or the type of vehicle involved.

Differentiating your services is a done deal with EFG’s debt protection products. Bottom line: you’ll generate more business, and your customers will drive away confident.

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