For Home Warranty Service Providers

EFG has been protecting consumers for 46+ years. In an industry where award-winning customer service and prompt payment for services is wishful thinking, EFG Home Services stands alone.



EFG Companies is a 46+ year premier consumer protection product company, serving more than a million contract holders.

  • Marketing Support: EFG remarkets to your customers on your behalf to promote EFG’s home warranty, at no cost to you.
  • Additional Revenue: Every time your customers buy an EFG home warranty, it’s cash in your pocket!
  • Guaranteed Work: When services are needed, you receive the call, establishing repeat customers and additional revenue.
  • Prompt Payment: EFG guarantees that you will be paid for your work in 14 days or less

This provides predictable, reliable cash flow for you. And with a consistent flow of work from EFG Home Services, you retain your customers, increase repeat business and obtain opportunities for referrals.


We guarantee payment for services within 21 days of an approved invoice.

If we miss our commitment to you, we will reimburse you 10% of the total invoice.

It’s that simple!

  • You get paid – quickly!
  • No chasing down payments.
  • We stand by our word.


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