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How are we doing?

Your satisfaction is important to us, and we continually work to find new ways to serve you. Thank you for taking a quick moment to provide our team with your feedback.

Please rank how effective our team was in completing each phase of the Work Order process. Questions are provided to give you context of what steps are involved in each phase.

Was your project initiated with a full team kick-off meeting?
Was a team assigned to your project, including a dedicated project manager, as your point-of-contact?

Were you assigned a resource to gather and document requirements?
Were requirements documented in a timely manner?
Do you feel the requirements written adequately captured the needs for your project?
Did you have sufficient input on the requirements?

Did you have regular status meetings?
Did you receive regular, informative status updates from your project manager?
If there was a delay in schedule, were you notified immediately?

Was a UAT Test plan provided to you?
Were you given adequate time to complete UAT?
Were the changes you submitted to the QC team implemented in a timely manner?
Did it come back to you with all changes made?
Were enough resources included in UAT for the project, aside from yourself?

How did the launch process go?
Was it on time?
On budget?

If applicable, how has support of your project been since launch?
Was there a "lessons learned" meeting after launch for all teams to share learnings?