MAP® — Motorist Assistance Plan

Never Lose a VSC Sale with MAP®

With EFG’s Motorist Assistance Plan star coverage, you can provide every customer with a vehicle service contract.

MAP allows each customer to have their own coverage. There’s no such thing as one size fits all! MAP allows for exact match of miles driven to contract specificity and rating. As a result, you will experience an increase in product penetration, fewer chargebacks, and greater reinsurance profit.

MAP covers every customer with:

  • expanded eligibility requirements;
  • add-on time and add-on mileage with expanded term mileage in 2,500 mile increments;
  • six surcharge options that include commercial and ride-sharing vehicles; and,
  • five deductible options to meet every customer’s need at the time of a claim.

With four levels of coverage, including exclusionary and named components, MAP can be sold on current plus 12-model-year vehicles with less than or equal to 150,000 miles.

Innovation and expertise at your command

Each MAP vehicle service contract is developed by EFG Companies, the leaders in consumer protection for almost four decades. We support your business through:

  • Turnkey handling of reserve requirements and underwriting criteria
  • Total program administration — from collateral design to claims processing
  • Fast, reliable payment through our secure credit card payment process on all vehicle service contracts
  • Full retail remittance on both parts and labor

This isn’t the same old VSC. Contact EFG to boost your bottom line today!

(Please see contract for full product details)


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