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Vehicle Service Contract Transfer Request Form

This form will be used for the purpose of evaluating a transfer request only and does not constitute an agreement of transfer. To complete your transfer request, please complete the form below. You might be responsible for a transfer fee (per the language in your specific contract, unless contrary to state law) which will be due to EFG Companies within thirty (30) days from the date of sale to the subsequent owner. Payment instructions will be provided once your request is received.

  • New Owner Information

  • Please transfer the remainder of the vehicle service contract. I am transferring this contract in accordance with the provisions stated in the contract. To transfer, I am submitting this form electronically and understand that I am responsible for mailing the transfer fee check or money order with contract number for reference made payable to EFG at PO Box 167667, Irving, Texas 75016.


    This provision is only available if you are the original contract purchaser. Your rights and duties under this contract may only be assigned if you sell your vehicle directly to another individual (excluding dealer trade-ins). Please refer to the section of the contract “How This Contract May Be Transferred” for all exclusions and requirements needed to complete this transfer. Verification that the Vehicle has been maintained as required by this contract must be supplied by the original contract holder to the new owner. Transfer will be considered valid when the new owner receives a confirmation letter from the Administrator.


    What happens after I submit this transfer request?

    Once EFG Companies receives your transfer request, it will be reviewed by our contract administration team. You will receive an email from the Contract Administration team if any additional documentation is needed to process your request. Transfers will not be processed without proper documentation and transfer fee.