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Nationally Award-Winning Client Portal

When You’re The Best, You Can Prove It

We have the award-winning technology solutions to back us up!

Nationally Award-Winning Business Intelligence

EFG DRIVE gives you instant access to everything you need to manage your business, including monthly reports on both sales and claims performance:

Contract counts, claims details and payments

Monthly summary of pending and active contracts, listing terms, miles, profits, cancel cost and overfund

Tally of contracts sold and cancelled broken down by product

Overfund, commission and performance reports

Reinsurance Reporting

You need to know all the facts when it comes to running your business. This includes claims data, loss ratios, sales intelligence, and information on your reinsurance position.

EFG DRIVE provides an in-depth look at your reinsurance portfolio, outlining your:

  • Investment and underwriting income
  • Underwriting expenses
  • Loss ratios, reserves, and claims paid broken down by product
  • Cash flow
  • Breakdown of assets and liabilities
  • Net reserves and cash to trust


“At GPW & Associates, we see a wide spectrum of reinsurance reporting packages. From our perspective, the reinsurance reporting package provided by EFG Companies is transparent, comprehensive, and hands down one of the best in the industry.”

– Greg Petrowski, Agency Senior Vice President