Credit Unions

Custom Solutions to Propel Revenue Growth

At EFG, we know our clients’ business market inside and out, and we understand the factors that drive consumer behavior. We also know that no single solution works for every credit union. We demonstrate our unsurpassed level of engagement by working closely with you, at every step, to develop a course of action specifically for your credit union and your members. We surround and propel these efforts with training, specialized services and customized support, designed to sharpen your competitive edge, resulting in increased revenue growth.

Our expertise in developing innovative programs and services is based on more than three decades of experience in the competitive retail automotive marketplace. As a result of our in-depth experience and extensive client engagement, we develop solutions that:

  • Grow, acquire and retain borrowers
  • Increase loan volume
  • Provide additional upsell opportunities to accelerate revenue growth
  • Improve loan performance and revenue


Boost Your Loan Volume with EFG

With proven results from EFG, credit unions are taking their business to the next level.

  • 144% year-over-year increase in fee income from loan protection products
  • 122% increase in year-to-date income
  • 282% increase in per month income
  • 124% increase in product penetration after 2 months of implementation
  • 40% increase in year-over-year auto loan volume

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