EFG Google Reviews

Bryce U.

May, 2015
I got the number from the dealership I bought my used car from. All I had to do was give it to the dealership I took my car to when I had an issue and it was all handled.

Gary G.

April, 2015
My experiences with MAPS have been excellent. The dealer calls for coverage verification, and the service is performed. I have had no complaints with the service.

Angela T.

April, 2015
I took my car in for a routine service and oil change. At which time, I was informed that there were a few problems that needed addressed. I was completely overwhelmed because financially I was not prepared for extra repairs. Thankfully, a couple were covered so I was able to have those fixed immediately. Thanks to EFG it was quick and almost painless.

Jaspal N.

April, 2015
I have been with EFG for almost a year now and found them to be very customer oriented. I have both my cars (Sienna Van and Lexus RX450H) covered for extended warranty. The claim process was seamless the first time around where I did not even have to talk to them. The Toyota dealer handled everything directly. The second time, around there was a confusion on the DVD player equipment having been an OEM part, which after clarification was covered as well. I have already recommended them to my friends.

Becky M.

April, 2015
I went in for a simple oil change and was soon told of other problems they discovered. Thankfully a bill that was going to be almost $900.00 ended up just a little over $300. Still much more than originally expected but happy my car was safe and it was a little easier to handle.

Orlando D.

February, 2015

Felicia M.

January, 2015
I work as a CSR at EFG. My experience here has been great. The management, environment and atmosphere is enough to keep you loving this place. I have only been here for a little over a month and it already feels like home. They give you enough to succeed. I have already received three certificates from sales and call center training. The knowledge you learn of this job can be used for a life time. I enjoy the challenging atmosphere and look forward to a long term commitment with EFG.

Jeshica A.

January, 2015
I have been with EFG now since July. I have found that the people here are so family oriented, upbeat, caring and strive to be better than every other company in our business group. I haven’t worked with any other warranty company before this but have lots of friends that do. As we compare stories about our work place it makes me realize that the decision that I made to choose this company over the many others, WAS the best choice and best company. To many years with EFG! Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your family!!!

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