Protecting Your Future

EFG provides DAY 1 COVERAGE for medical and retirement benefits and immediate vesting for 401K.

Work-Life Balance

EFG understands the importance of and supports work-life balance. That’s why the company offers a more flexible work environment, with approximately 24% of employees working remotely 100% of the time. The remaining 76% work remotely more than 80% of the time. Aside from work-life benefits for individual team members, this structure gives EFG the flexibility to employ people across the country.

Work From Home

Unmatched Benefits

To remain highly competitive and to attract the quality of employees we look to hire, EFG aggressively benchmarks our benefits package against competitor offerings. As you research potential employers, make sure they can stand up to day 1 eligibility PLUS EFG’s unmatched level of employer contributions:

$15,400 on average per year to each employee’s benefits and 401K plan

$500 – $1,000 to employee HSA plans

100% of employee’s annual base salary for life insurance benefit

100% of short-term disability benefit of 60% of weekly earnings

Machine Readable File – Transparency in Coverage

Saving for the Future

This is something to seriously consider: EFG is so committed to your future that new hires are 100% vested immediately and automatically enrolled at 4% into EFG’s 401k and Roth IRA retirement options. The company matches 100% up to the first 3% of employee contributions PLUS 50% up to the next 2% of employee contributions.

Family & Financial Resources

At EFG, you are more than an employee …you are family. We care about you in totality. As a result, we offer a plethora of resources through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) which offers expert advice in the areas of financial literacy, common legal issues, and starting a family. As an EFG employee you will have these resources, and so much more, at your fingertips.

Wellness Room

EFG provides a dedicated private wellness room with the understanding that team members have a range of needs for private space, including new mothers returning to work and team members who need to administer medications throughout the day.


Alleviating the Cost of Car Ownership

We stand by our consumer protection products by offering our employees a savings of 50% of the retail cost to protect their vehicle and/or motorcycle. To help further ease the cost of car ownership, EFG partners with Discount Tire to provide all team members with a 10% employee discount for tire purchases.

Friends & Family Discount

EFG’s 50% employee discount for our award-winning consumer protection products and customer service to protect their vehicle and/or motorcycle are also extended to family members including siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws.


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