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Martin H.

June, 2023
If you are considering an extended warranty for your car, I can assure you that, for reliability, service, and no-nonsense honesty, EFG leads the way. I needed an emergency repair for my SUV (I am a 100% disabled veteran), and EFG’s Chris Pepperling guided me smoothly through the process. I needed the car ASAP, so I paid out of pocket. Within a couple of days, a check for the full repair amount was in my mailbox. Am I happy? YES! But, more than that, I am confident that my relationship with EFG is everything other companies promise, but seldom deliver. It’s GOOD to have a solid warranty with honest people to protect your investment. Automotive Guardian Angels…

Mark W.

May, 2023
Even when bad things happen, you come across a guy like Joe Blakely. There is always a smile in his voice and professionalism in his demeanor. Thank you, Joe. It was a pleasure doing business!

Dustin F.

May, 2023
I had two claims with the company and had a few issues here and there, but they took care of it and warrantied the issues with my car.

Adam H.

May, 2023
EFG is a very good warranty thank you for covering the repair of my Audi A8. I recommend.

Kelli T.

April, 2023
Talk about a company that cares about their customers!! There was an issue with our vehicle and they made it right, which took so much stress off of our shoulders. Chris, the client service manager is amazing. I will definitely recommend this company as your warranty provider! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Daniel O.

April, 2023
I’ve been a service writer for 18 years and never had I had such an amazing, helpful and just all around WONDERFUL experience with this ex warranty EFG! Shout out to Adam Jacobsen and Doug Newell. These guys are one of us, no bull and all cool!

Zee S.

April, 2023
I bought this extended warranty from Lexus. After 500 miles, my generator light and warning lights came on and I took the car to RGV Northpark Lexus. They found several items that required immediate attention. Although a short wait, I was ultimately contacted by Chris Pepperling from EFG, explaining they were gathering documentation from Sterling McColl Lexus where I purchased the vehicle 2 months ago. Chris immediately assisted me in getting the vehicle repaired and enacted the warranty to cover the repairs. Chris has been an intricate part of authorizing these repairs. He is a credit to EFG and his dedication to the company reflect great credit upon himself and EFG Companies! All my best to you Sir!


April, 2023
Tim was very helpful and personal when I called in my claim for a customer. Somebody give this man a raise!

Eric L.

March, 2023
Great customer service. I had an issue with the dealership and Chris Pepperling was over the top helpful in resolving my problem. Very personal and enthusiastic about helping me and my situation.

Ivan M.

March, 2023
I definitely deal with a lot of after market extended warranty companies, but Nicole has risen the bar. She’s funny, efficient and polite. Amazing service!!!

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