EFG Google Reviews

Alexandra G.

February, 2022
Blake is by far the best person to work with within this company, calls back when called, does not hassle or drag his feet when trying to get a customer taken care of. I will only work with him for my future needs as he is the most caring person I have dealt with in the last 7 years of dealing with claims.

Glenys H.

December, 2021
I would like to highlight the professionalism of John Fields, who was attentive to my concerns, willing and able to help at the time of call with a very optimistic approach and pleasant attitude. Not only was he very knowledgeable about my issue, but resolved it in a timely manner. I am Very content with the service of EFG thus far and look forward to continuing it in the future.

Aimee H.

December, 2021
Customer Service was fantastic, responsive, and most of all caring. I’ve been having many issues with my car and the dealership that “fixed” it. I contacted EFG for reimbursement per the terms of my warranty. Chris Pepperling (in claims) went above and beyond to help me, contacted the dealership directly, and kept me informed as promised. As a result of his persistence & good faith, I will be receiving reimbursement for the costly repairs to my vehicle. As a single mother, especially this time of year with the holidays & winter coming, this is more helpful than I can even put into words. On behalf of my daughter & me, I would like to thank EFG Companies & more importantly Chris Pepperling for the help & attention I received in this matter. It’s greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Israfil D.

December, 2021
I just wanted to leave feedback on how fast and helpful Ray and Laura were, they resolved a little mishap within minutes, much-appreciated guys, thank you so very much, ID from baker Nissan, again thanks a million!

Al B.

November, 2021
EFG has been phenomenal with my claims. This company is consistently customer first all the time.



Charlene F.

November, 2021
I like how the company gets back to the dealership that I have my car serviced at. If you have a car that is without a warranty, sign up with EFG your wallet will appreciate it.

Dustin B.

November, 2021
I just wanted to drop a quick line of kudos for the young man by the name of Blake with EFG. He took a call from me yesterday and was more than helpful on looking up my warranty details so I could quickly have resolve as to where I stood …

Darius S.

October, 2021
When you need to have your warranty come through, EFG did. Thanks Carlotta, Paul, Tim and others getting my car back on the the Road. I highly recommend this company for warranty contract provider. Thanks again. Honesty, true and reliable people. Keep up the good work! Working with people on the customer service level is something we all should aspire to achieve.

Chris L.

September, 2021
Tim over in the Service contracts department is super helpful and knowledgeable! Makes claims super easy!

Marisa C.

September, 2021
I work for a car dealership and a lot of our guests use EFG. It’s always a pleasure speaking to claims adjusters because they are knowledgeable and keep the conversation fun. The last time I had to file a claim, I had the privilege of working with Tim and he made the claims super easy and efficient. We were able to work together to take care of the guest!

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