EFG Google Reviews

Jose G.

January, 2021
I work for the Central Houston Cadillac service department. I called to submit claim and Blake was professional and efficient.

Pepe Y.

December, 2020
My vehicle unfortunately had to be repaired three times under warranty but fortunately it was under EFG! They provided a hassle-free experience, and all three repairs were covered with little-to-no effort on my part. Special shout out to Ray Contu who went above and beyond on a recent claim! He is a shining example of amazing customer service and is the very reason why I’m giving a 5-star review!

John P.

November, 2020
My shop, Accuracy Automotive, was just helped tremendously by Joe Blakley over a mutual client’s extended warranty. Joe not only helped with the warranty but found our shop was overcharged for a part by a local business and gave me the information to get reimbursed. We have dealt with many extended warranty companies over the years but Joe and EFG have been the best experience I’ve had. Thank you!

Brenden B.

November, 2020
My claims adjuster, Cole Bender, is the best! He is very professional and helpful with any questions I may have when trying to submit a claim for one of my customers. 10/10 would look forward to working with him again in the future.

Christina T.

November, 2020
Lukas was great. He was quick and efficient as I had to do a last minute claim at the end of a long day. Much appreciated!

Raul L.

November, 2020
Joe Blakely was excellent to work with on the phone. He assisted me with professionalism and expertise. EFG is one of the best companies to work with.

Al B.

October, 2020
EFG provides the most exceptional extended vehicle service contract. They are very responsive, caring and professional. EFG is unequaled.

Xavier C.

October, 2020
When I called in, Shayleen took care of me. She was extremely polite, professional and fast!!! I had a great experience making a claim!!! Thanks Shayleen and EFG COMPANIES

Jerry J.

October, 2020
The approval of transmission work under the EFG warranty was approved after appropriate Q&A by B.W. He is a true gentleman and EFG is fortunate to have an employee like BW with his knowledge and expertise.

Alex B.

September, 2020
As the owner of an auto repair shop (Butler Automotive), I deal with a lot of different vehicle warranty companies. None have been as courteous and easy to deal with as these guys here. Most are looking for any way possible to deny a legitimate claim. That is not the case with EFG. Thank you I will definitely recommend you to my customers.

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