Cody Castillo

DRIVE Values: Dependability, Respect, and Excellence

“So, there are a couple of very specific reasons that I would like to recognize Cody as a team member:

  1. The work that Cody did on understanding our V-Pay process and where we could facilitate claims that were lacking all mandatories for payment really helped us identify how to get those problems solved more proactively, get the shops paid more quickly and get those happy consumers back on the road to their jobs and families. 
  2. Cody did something very selfless that not many people at EFG would have volunteered to do. Cody recognized that the daily cleaning of the break room falls on the shoulders of Legal & Compliance. He asked to be placed into a rotation to help relieve the L&C group of this duty, especially at a time that they needed it most. It was one of the most refreshing gestures by a team member that I have seen in a very long time.”
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