Carig L.

June, 2019
For the first 6.5 years of my 7-year warranty, I never needed EFG. However, in the last few months, I’ve more than made up for lost time! And EFG has been very helpful in addressing my covered claims, and covering them in full–well beyond the purchase price of my warranty. For one of my more expensive claims, EFG wanted to use a used part. It’s pretty standard practice as I understand. And as much as I was opposed to the idea due to the high labor costs to access this part, it is clearly written in the contract that that’s a thing. That part ended up not being available, and a new part was used instead. But still, caveat emptor. I just sold the car that was covered by my last policy, and bought a new warranty from EFG for my latest purchase, a 4-year-old car. What better endorsement could I give than being a repeat customer?!

I want to know more!