Lauren B.

April, 2018
This has been the first service contract/extended warranty that I’ve purchased since I had always bought new cars. We were purchasing an older model (over 6 years old when we bought it) luxury vehicle with unbelievably low miles, but my husband insisted we opt in for the extended coverage. The top tier option was reasonably priced and covered a lengthy list of repairs. I am EXTREMELY thankful for this coverage. While I love my vehicle, it’s getting older and things just aren’t what they used to be. We’ve had to use this coverage at least 4 times and repairs were swift and seamless. When I picked my car up at the dealer today, the service advisor said “you have amazing coverage with that contract”. I suggested to him if that’s not the company his dealership is using, they should switch. I highly recommend EFG Companies and I’m very thankful we chose to take out that coverage!!

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