EFG Google Reviews

Gary G.

December, 2015
I purchased a EFG plan 2 years ago at the dealership where I bought my 2002 Audi TT. I have used the plan on 3-4 occasions over the past 2 years and have been very satisfied with the service and coverage. The EFG service representative (Carlotta) was always very friendly and helpful. I would recommend EFG to anyone considering purchasing a used vehicle.

Orlando D.

December, 2015

Sharon W.

November, 2015
I reluctantly bought an extended warranty because I have some bad experiences. But, EFG has been GREAT! I have had so many issues with my car and I only get it serviced at the dealer – EFG has covered every repair that falls within my warranty. The staff is always helpful and friendly. This company has truly saved my bank account on several occasions. Will definitely use them if I ever purchase another used car

Blaise A.

September, 2015
I’ve used my extended warranty on several occasions for repairs on my 07 Lexus. All of the repairs have been covered subject to the deductible I chose upon purchasing aftermarket with 28K on vehicle. I would certainly purchase another from EFG rather than the outrageously priced warranties offered by dealers for basically the same coverage. Even the dealer associates were impressed with EFG and the claim being approved in a timely manner. Thanks EFG for the coverage…..

Will G.

September, 2015
Purchased extended warranty and road hazard coverage through EFG for my car. No experience with the vehicle warranty as i still have some factory. However the road hazard has already taken care of a wheel and tire. Both claims were processed without issue and in a very timely manner.

Michael R.

August, 2015
I purchased a 2009 Chevy Malibu from one of my local dealers. I opted for the extended warranty. I am very pleased with the service so far. I’ve had both front control arms replaced, the catalytic converter replaced, and recently I had to have work done for both the front wheel hub assemblies and the cam shaft accuator. The warranty has covered everything saving me thousands.

Vernon A.

August, 2015
EFG is a great company, Had a claim and was processed perfectly I highly recommend them up to everyone.

Carla W.

August, 2015
I went to the car dealership and I was told that I needed several things fixed on my vehicle that was past the amount i could afford . I told them to put them in order which was the most important thing to get fixed first and would pay for them to get get fixed 1 at a time. But the dealer mentioned to me about my warranty and said he would call me back. To my surprise when he called me back he said everything would be covered under the warranty. I was so happy that I cried. Thank you EFG.

Richard B.

August, 2015
My mechanic was able to receive fast authorization for the necessary repair and they had my Mercedes convertible ready on time as promised. I am totally pleased with this coverage and would recommend it to anyone – especially someone purchasing a previously owned vehicle. It’s great to be dealing with a company as reputable as this. All too often after market warrant coverage finds some reason to deny coverage. I would purchase this peace of mind insurance anytime I bought a previously owned vehicle. Thank you for great coverage.

Scott W.

August, 2015

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