EFG Google Reviews

Dustin H.

November, 2019
Where to start? As a service advisor, talking to extended warranty companies can be daunting. Well, let me tell you how easy Cole Bender makes calling in to EFG. This guy has got to be one of the nicest, funniest, down to earth people we could ask for when calling any warranty company. He makes calling in so simple and easy that he has become our go-to guy. Thanks for always being the best Cole B!!!

Ryan C.

November, 2019
As a service advisor in the car business, talking to extended warranties is about half of my job. Any time I work with Cole B. at EFG, it just makes my job easier. And, he has a contagious laugh that just warms your soul like a Sunday evening fire. He’s the kind of guy that makes for a great step-dad. Ask for him next time you call. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Daniel G.

November, 2019
I’ve been at my current dealership for just over a year. Cole Bender at EFG is the best to work with. He makes the process painless and quick – Thanks Cole!

Brent H.

November, 2019
Blake at EFG has exceptional customer service! Hats off to you Blake!

Rick C.

November, 2019
Very professional and courteous. I never had such great service like I did with EFG. SMOOTH AND TRUSTWORTHY!

Chris H.

November, 2019
Awesome training! Jason Hash was great.

Tyler J.

November, 2019
Blake is always great to work with when filling claims. He always makes it painless and quick.

Leanne A.

November, 2019
i work for San Francisco Harley-Davidson and have worked with this company before. They are very helpful and easy to work with. Joe Blakley helped me on this last claim and it went great. Calling in a claim was a pleasure. Thank you again!

Miguel R.

November, 2019
Joe Blakely at EFG was very pleasant to work with & I appreciate the quick claim process!

Mike S.

November, 2019
I had a great experience with the guys at EFG. They took care of us. A+++ Thanks!!!




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