Tami B.

August, 2019
The air conditioner condenser in my son’s car needed to be replaced. Being that it was summer, we needed that fixed right away! We took it to our mechanic and he got immediate approval from EFG to take care of the whole expense since it was covered by the warranty. It would have cost us about $800 to fix, but instead it was a $50 deductible charge. That really helped since we’d JUST paid $800 for my car the month previous and $700 on my husband’s car. So it was great to have this covered! This is the 2nd time we’ve used it, so it’s just about paid for itself and we just bought the car last year! We will NEVER go without an extended warranty again! The mechanic also told us that EFG even paid them a better rate just to take a look at the problem than other warranty companies, so EFG is the one to go with, by far!

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