WALKAWAY – Vehicle Return

Don’t let fear of losing your job keep you from living!

You never know what’s down the road and before you make a big purchase, you may ask yourself “What if I lose my income?

That’s why EFG dealer partners offer WALKAWAY Vehicle Return Protection complimentary with your vehicle loan.

What do you get with WALKAWAY?

WALKAWAY Vehicle Return Protection allows you to take the “what ifs” out of the equation and return your financed vehicle without penalty!

With WALKAWAY, you can return your vehicle without ruining your credit if you experience:

  • Involuntary unemployment
  • Physical disability
  • Loss of driver’s license
  • International employment transfer
  • Self-employed personal bankruptcy
  • Accidental death

If you experience one of these life-changing circumstances and are unable to afford your payments, you have options. You can return your vehicle to the dealership and walk away from $7,500 of negative equity!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have WALKAWAY with your financing, you can return your vehicle to the dealership where you purchased it. WALKAWAY allows you to return your vehicle for a qualifying circumstance without ruining your credit.

When included with your financing, WALKAWAY provides you with the option to return your vehicle if you can no longer afford your payments due to a qualifying circumstance.

Please see contract for full product details.

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