MVP Pre-paid Maintenance

Pre-paid Maintenance for a Simpler Life

Is your life full of sticky notes and reminders? From oil changes to tire rotations and filter changes, there’s a lot of vehicle maintenance to keep track of – and pay for. Make your life a little easier with the Maintenance Value Program, a pre-paid maintenance plan!

Thanks to MVP, you don’t have to worry about spending extra money for your car maintenance and it takes care of some of your required maintenance, too – all at a significant discount to you.

With MVP pre-paid maintenance, you won’t have to come up with all that extra cash at inconvenient times.  And since this auto maintenance plan is electronically tracked by your dealership, your car’s resale value is enhanced as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MVP Pre-paid Maintenance provides significant discounts, sometimes as much as 25% or more, on basic oil changes, cabin and air filter changes, and tire rotations.

MVP Pre-paid Maintenance is an auto maintenance plan that covers the cost of regular, routine maintenance that is not covered by most manufacturer or extended warranties.

Please see contract for full product details.

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