Dealership/Lending Institution Customers

If you purchased a vehicle service contract from an automotive dealer or lending institution (such as a credit union):


The first step of the claim process is to contact the dealership’s Service Center from which you purchased the service contract. Describe to them your concerns along with your authorization to perform the necessary diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is complete, the dealer service center will then call EFG directly to initiate a claim.  They will provide us with the details of the failure, and which component or part will need to be replaced.  Our Expert Claims Representatives will review your contract and determine if the mechanical breakdown can be authorized for repair.  Please note, all repairs must be approved by EFG in advance. Failure to do so may result in a mechanical breakdown not being covered.

Use all reasonable means to protect your vehicle from further damage.  Continual use of a vehicle in need of repair could make the problem much worse.  Any additional repairs caused by continued use may not be approved under your contract.  If you are experiencing significant problems with your vehicle, we recommend that you stop your vehicle and call for Roadside Assistance.

For the best repair services please return your vehicle to the selling dealership you purchased the service contract from. If you are beyond a 50 mile radius of your selling dealer, then you can take your vehicle to any qualified licensed repair facility.

Our Drive Forever powertrain plan offers towing reimbursement for up to $75 dollars per occurrence for a covered mechanical breakdown. For all other contract types, you will be protected by Roadside Assistance. These benefits include towing for a mechanical breakdown, flat tire change, jump starts, vehicle fluid delivery, lockout assistance and concierge services.

The most convenient way to get a rental car is through the dealership at which your car is being repaired, as most dealerships provide this service. You can also contact any car rental company and rent the car of your choosing. However, rental benefits are available on covered failures only for covered plans that offer the rental benefit. Additionally, you are limited in the number of days covered along with the maximum rental expense amount reimbursed per day.  If you elect to use a local car rental company, you can pay for the rental and submit the bill to EFG for Reimbursement. Please refer to your contract to confirm eligibility and or specific car rental coverage details.

All authorized benefits are paid by EFG directly to the repair shop using a direct credit card payment after we receive confirmation of completed repair, and an invoice from the repair facility.

All contracts require that any repairs be approved in advance by EFG. Simple repairs needed outside of our normal business hours where prior approval was not available can be reviewed for reimbursement consideration. The mechanical breakdown must be due to a failure of a covered part based on your contract and there can be no listed exclusions that apply. A simple repair is defined as requiring 2 hours or less of labor time to complete for a covered part.

Please fax your invoice and receipts to 972-445-8381, Attn: Claims, No prior approval. Please include an explanation of what occurred along with the repair shop’s invoice. It must include your contract number, vehicle identification number, the date and odometer reading with an itemized listing of all parts and labor. Be sure to include your personal contact information as well.

EFG offers a wide variety of products with different coverage options for both new and used vehicles.  The Drive Forever Powertrain plan covers the most common parts found within the Engine and Transmission assemblies. Our basic Motor Assist Powertrain plans provide the same coverage of common parts found within the Engine and Transmission assemblies but also includes parts within the Transfer Case and Drive Axle Assemblies. Our most extensive programs provide an additional level of coverage for parts found within the AC/Heating, Suspension, Steering, Cooling, Fuel Systems, Brake and Electrical assemblies.

Your contract will specifically list your coverage level and the covered parts within each of those vehicle systems.   It also lists the exclusionary details of what the contract does not cover. For example, all parts not specifically listed under the covered parts section of your contract are not covered. Please refer to your contract for the complete list of terms, covered parts, exclusions and or definitions.

Regularly scheduled maintenance is a contractual requirement as stated within the “Your Obligation” section of your contract. Maintaining these records is the best evidence in supporting that you are adhering to your Vehicle’s manufacturer maintenance recommendation. Most maintenance records can be obtained by simply going back the service center that performed the maintenance and requesting a copy. You will need your VIN number from the vehicle and possibly some form of identification, like your driver’s license. Your contract excludes benefits on any damage caused by a lack of recommended maintenance as some major mechanical failures can be contributed to not performing regularly scheduled maintenance within the time and mileage limits required.

You are responsible for authorizing any teardown or diagnostic time needed to determine if your vehicle has a covered breakdown. If it is determined that the repair is needed due to a covered breakdown, then the diagnostic procedures will be paid by EFG. If the failure is not a covered mechanical breakdown, then you will be responsible for this charge.

Your contract has an Exclusionary section that lists what the vehicle service contracts do not cover.  Additionally, all parts not specifically listed under the covered parts section of your contract are considered not covered. The following information is not the full list of exclusions, but rather the most commonly misunderstood.

Normal maintenance items or repairs such as engine tune-ups and front end alignments are not covered.  Adjustments or Alignments to covered parts are not covered. In addition, if the diagnosis determines the breakdown was caused by lack of proper maintenance, continual use of vehicle in need of repair, rust, corrosion, lack of proper fuels, fluids, coolants, lubricants or failure to replace seals and gaskets in a timely manner would result in a covered part being excluded.

Also, any cost which would be covered by a manufacturer warranty or any pre-existing conditions prior to the contract purchase date are also considered exclusionary. You should ALWAYS refer to your contract for a complete list of terms, covered parts, exclusions, and or definitions.

Please contact our Client Services department so they can assist you: 800-527-1984

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