Signature Finish Dent Protection

Finally, a Prescription for Healing Dents and Dings

Sometimes, even parking your car in the back of the parking lot isn’t enough. It can still be prone to minor dents and dings. And as we try to keep our cars longer, the years tend to take a toll on your vehicle’s body.

Signature Finish Dent Protection permanently removes blemishes like door dings and minor dents, so it retains its value.

  • Covers all exterior body panels
  • Paintless dent repair (PDR) uses specialized tools to manipulate and flex the metal back to its original form
  • Unlimited repairs up to credit card size
  • Repairs take as long as an oil change

Frequently Asked Questions

Most small dents and dings can be removed through the paintless dent repair (PDR) process. Paint transfer and light abrasions can often be rubbed out through the PDR process.

Some insurance policies may cover dent repair under comprehensive coverage. If your insurance policy does not cover dents, you can purchase Signature Finish Dent Protection from EFG Companies.

With EFG Signature Finish Dent Protection, just give us a call and our award-winning customer service center will arrange a certified technician for you. A certified technician will examine the damaged area prior to performing PDR to determine if the dent(s) can be repaired by the PDR process.

An EFG dent protection contract can be transferred for a small fee based on your state. See contract for details.

Please see contract for full product details.

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