Q. I’ve had a mechanical breakdown. How do I start a claim?

The first step of the claim process is to contact the dealership’s Service Center from which you purchased the service contract. Describe to them your concerns along with your authorization to perform the necessary diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is complete, the dealer service center will then call EFG directly to initiate a claim.  They will provide us with the details of the failure, and which component or part will need to be replaced.  Our Expert Claims Representatives will review your contract and determine if the mechanical breakdown can be authorized for repair.  Please note, all repairs must be approved by EFG in advance. Failure to do so may result in a mechanical breakdown not being covered.

Use all reasonable means to protect your vehicle from further damage.  Continual use of a vehicle in need of repair could make the problem much worse.  Any additional repairs caused by continued use may not be approved under your contract.  If you are experiencing significant problems with your vehicle, we recommend that you stop your vehicle and call for Roadside Assistance.

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