Q. Do you pay for all the parts and all the labor?

EFG offers a wide variety of products with different coverage options for both new and used vehicles.  The Drive Forever Powertrain plan covers the most common parts found within the Engine and Transmission assemblies. Our basic Motor Assist Powertrain plans provide the same coverage of common parts found within the Engine and Transmission assemblies but also includes parts within the Transfer Case and Drive Axle Assemblies. Our most extensive programs provide an additional level of coverage for parts found within the AC/Heating, Suspension, Steering, Cooling, Fuel Systems, Brake and Electrical assemblies.

Your contract will specifically list your coverage level and the covered parts within each of those vehicle systems.   It also lists the exclusionary details of what the contract does not cover. For example, all parts not specifically listed under the covered parts section of your contract are not covered. Please refer to your contract for the complete list of terms, covered parts, exclusions and or definitions.

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