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Mar.16th, 2017

GAP Protection for Powersports

GAP Protection covers the negative equity, or the difference between the loan balance and the value of the bike in the event of a total loss due to accident or theft up to $50,000.

Mar.16th, 2017

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Vehicle thefts and car accidents are traumatic enough for your customers. So imagine their frustration when the vehicle is rendered a total loss, and the insurance payment doesn’t even cover the amount they still owe — much less a down payment on another car. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP Protection) from EFG Companies fills that critical gap for your valued customers, strengthening customer satisfaction while helping you increase your profit per unit sold.

Mar.16th, 2017

WALKAWAY® for Powersports Dealers

When the economy seems uncertain, one thing is painfully certain for powersports dealers — customers are more likely to put the brakes on their plans to purchase or lease a vehicle.

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