xtreme Tire & Wheel Protection

Take your revenue to new xtremes!

xtreme® Tire & Wheel Protection from EFG provides tire & wheel repair and/or replacement coverage for off-road vehicles.

  • No deductible – 100% reimbursement for tire and wheel damages due to road hazards
  • No mileage limitation
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Trip interruption
  • Available on eligible vehicles, new and used
  • Coverage is transferable to enhance resale value

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Give Off-Road Customers Added Value and Confidence

When off-road, tires and wheels are prone to sharp debris. A pothole or rock on the trail can puncture tires on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), and off-road motorcycles, causing them to go flat, and may even cause damage to the wheels. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to dodge all these hazards that can cause serious damage to tires and wheels.

Give customers greater confidence going off-road with a product that repairs or replaces tires and wheels damaged on the trail. Since there’s no dollar limit on claims reimbursement, your customers have the added confidence knowing that it will all be taken care of with no money out of pocket.

How xtreme Tire & Wheel Protection Works

  1. This off-road tire & wheel protection for ATVs, UTVs and off-road motorcycles kicks in with just one call, day or night.
  2. When the trail takes out a tire, customers can easily initiate their claim with EFG at 888-804-6531.
  3. All tire & wheel protection claims are electronically processed by EFG, with no claim forms.
  4. Claims are paid via secure credit card payment on all tire & wheel protection contracts.
  5. Full retail is paid on both parts and labor on all tire & wheel protection contracts.

Find out how xtreme Tire & Wheel Protection can help you pull more profit.
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