Signature Finish® Appearance Protection

A Car’s Beauty is More Than Skin Deep

Signature Finish® Appearance Protection from EFG Companies provides custom solutions in protecting that showroom shine while creating new streams of revenue. Our lasting interior and exterior appearance protection product line features appearance protection solutions to keep that body beautiful while helping your customers retain their vehicles value for future resale opportunities.


Signature Finish® Exterior Appearance Protection seals paint pores with a smooth, glossy finish to protect and repair paint from damage by environmental elements such as:

  • Tree sap
  • Acid rain
  • Bird droppings

Signature Finish® Interior Appearance Protection increases the life of upholstery fabric and carpet fibers with a chemical sealant that:

  • Protects against spills, stains and water
  • Prevents excessive wear and fraying by reducing thread-on-thread friction
  • Helps retard fading
  • Makes clean-up a snap

(Please see contract for full product details)

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