MVP® — Road Hazard Tire Protection

Increase Service Drive Traffic and Profits

Don’t let service traffic pass you by! Road Hazard Tire Protection is designed to create additional revenue, increase traffic and customer retention in the service drive with tire-only coverage. It repairs or replaces damaged tires due to road hazards.

As a service drive product, Road Hazard Tire Protection creates revenue in addition to F&I sales. This product is supported by a platform that electronically rates, generates contracts and remits business sold through web services.

Customer benefits of Road Hazard Tire Protection

  • Each tire is covered for replacement or repair
  • Roadside Reimbursement
  • No deductible
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Can be purchased with new tires
  • Available up to 36-month terms
  • Expires by time only for repairs

MVP Road Hazard Tire Protection

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Dealer benefits of Road Hazard Tire Protection

  • A new revenue source for your service drives and parts departments
  • Self-authorization for one tire repair or replacement
  • Ability to mark up from dealer cost
  • e-Contracting and e-Remittance
  • Online claims, electronic payment with secure credit card

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