WALKAWAY® for Financial Institutions

Added Value = Added Volume

In a crowded lending market, customers are bound to shop around for the best deal for both new vehicle purchases and refinancing. And, when everyone offers competitive interest rates, you need a significant value-added differentiator to separate you from the competition. By offering a complimentary WALKAWAY waiver with every new and used auto loan or lease, you’ll give customers a compelling reason to stop shopping around and start building a lasting and profitable relationship with your institution.


A proven program

Created and administered by EFG Companies, WALKAWAY® is the innovative program that inspired our award-winning Hyundai Assurance program*. With WALKAWAY protection, customers have the freedom to turn in their cars and walk away from up to $7,500 of negative equity with Complimentary or Standard coverage — or as much as $15,000 with Elite coverage — when qualifying life events like disability or involuntary job loss interrupt their ability to pay. This valuable safeguard helps financial institutions:

  • Drive new auto loans by equipping prospective customers with a backup plan that boosts consumer confidence
  • Differentiate loan products in a crowded market
  • Open up a new stream of revenue by offering upgrade options
  • Increase customer satisfaction and drive repeat business

Managing risk, retaining customers

WALKAWAY can help you increase vehicle loan volumes by mitigating the risks associated with defaults, collections, and repossessions. And because WALKAWAY benefits have no impact on the customer’s credit score, you’re able to leave the door open for future loan opportunities with these customers as you continue to earn their trust and loyalty.

WALKAWAY® for Auto Customers


WALKAWAY® for Powersports Customers

WALKAWAY for Powersports Chart

WALKAWAY® for RV Customers

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*Hyundai Assurance 2008 – 2011


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