Best ReGuards Vehicle Protection

Create New Avenues for Profit

When weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a car, many people are concerned not only with price, but also what you can offer them that others don’t. Some of your most loyal customers are purchasing used vehicles that are no longer under manufacturer warranty. While they may not be able to afford your traditional vehicle service contract, they are very interested in purchasing mechanical breakdown protection for their vehicle. Set the stage for your dealership to drive even greater loyalty with all your customers by providing them real value with Best ReGuards, an extensive vehicle service contract designed to:

  • Increase your product portfolio to generate greater profits
  • Cultivate customer relationships by providing new market opportunities
  • Match consumer buying trends to the dynamics of your dealership


Un-matched client engagement and history of innovation

Developed by EFG Companies, the leaders in consumer protection for almost four decades, Best ReGuards was designed specifically to let you focus on your income potential while EFG takes care of the details, with:

  • Proficient handling of reserve requirements and underwriting criteria
  • Total program administration — from collateral design to claims processing
  • Fast, reliable payment through our secure credit card payment process on all vehicle service contracts
  • Full retail remittance on both parts and labor

Available on thoroughly inspected, pre-owned vehicles, Best ReGuards focuses on the most expensive components of a used vehicle:

Components Highlights
Engine Cylinder block; cylinder heads; all internally Lubricated Parts; timing gear, chain and belt; water pump. Cylinder block and heads are only covered if damaged by a covered internally Lubricated Part.
Turbocharger / Supercharger (Factory Installed Only) Turbocharger/Supercharger housing; turbo boost valve; turbo wastegate, actuator, bearing, bushing and all other internal parts. Turbocharger/Supercharger housing are only covered if damaged by a covered internally Lubricated Part.
Transmission Transmission case and all internally Lubricated Parts; torque converter; vacuum modulator; flywheel/flex plate. Transmission case is only covered if damaged by a covered internally Lubricated Part inside transmission case.
Transfer Case Transfer case and all internally Lubricated Parts. Transfer case is only covered if damaged by a covered internally Lubricated Part inside transfer case.
Air Conditioning Pressure switch; accumulator; drier; blower motor; condenser.
Electrical Alternator/generator; voltage regulator; starter motor; starter solenoid; starter drive; ignition switch; power window switch; power window motors and regulators; blower switch; rear window defroster switch; power trunk release switch; power lock switch; power door lock actuators; turn signal switch; headlamp switch; brake light switch; wiper motor switch; wiper motor.
Fuel Fuel delivery pump, fuel injection pump (excluding diesel engines) and metal fuel lines.
Seals and Gaskets Seals and gaskets are covered only as part of repair or replacement of the above Covered Parts. Leaking seals and gaskets are not Covered Parts.

Give your business and your dealerships a market differentiator that will increase store traffic, referrals, and repeat sales with Best ReGuards from EFG Companies.
(Please see contract for full product details)

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