Signature Finish® Windshield Protection

Your Customers Don’t Have to Live with Ugly Cracks.

Signature Finish® Windshield Protection provides your customers with clear vision and your dealership with another line of revenue. This protection not only repairs windshields, but also provides eligible vehicles the option for replacement.

How Signature Finish® Windshield Works

Signature Finish® provides repairs for small chips or cracks by propelled rocks or stones on covered windshields. If the windshield cannot be repaired, it will be replaced. This protection provides your customers with sufficient coverage for the duration of their service contract without the hassle or worry of dealing with a damaged windshield with:

  • Experienced technicians who do work that is tried and proven
  • Coverage for large chips, cracks, or breaks – over 6 inches long which are considered non-repairable
  • Retreatment and recalibration of the windshield in the case of both repair or replacement
  • No mileage restrictions; no limit of liability

Cultivate customer loyalty and repeat business by providing protection that enhances their vehicle’s resale value with Signature Finish® Windshield Protection.
(Please see contract for full product details)

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