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Mar.16th, 2017

WALKAWAY® for Financial Institutions

In a crowded lending market, customers are bound to shop around for the best deal. Yet competitive interest rates aren’t their only consideration. By offering a complimentary waiver with every new and used auto loan or lease, you’ll give customers a compelling reason to stop shopping around and start building a lasting and profitable relationship with your institution.

Mar.16th, 2017

WALKAWAY® for Auto Dealers

There’s no denying the economic realities that many customers face today. Consumer debt is at an all-time high. Negative equity is rampant. Downsizing is a fact of life. And health issues and expenses are constant concerns for an aging population.

Mar.16th, 2017

WALKAWAY® Vehicle Return Protection

One of the biggest threats to dealers and lenders during an economic recovery isn’t necessarily the customer’s inability to take on payments here and now — it’s the uncertainty of whether today’s income will be there tomorrow. Now, the post-recession customer has weathered the storm and is in the market again with lessons learned. WALKAWAY allows the smart customer to prepare for what may be around the corner. Dealers and lenders can offer customers automotive financing protection – a proven safety net that takes the “what ifs” out of the buying equation.

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