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Aug.09th, 2019

MAP® Electric Vehicle Protection

Coverage Exclusively for Your Electric Vehicle Customers MAP® Electric Vehicle Protection fits the unique needs of your EV customers. They are technologically savvy and wise investors. Protection plans sold today cover more than 2,000 vehicle parts that aren't in electric vehicles. Most manufacturers provide coverage for an EV battery up to 8 years or 100,000 miles. MAP Electric Vehicle Protection provides coverage of up to 11 years and 150,000 miles. Provide them with exactly what they are looking for – a way to protect their investment and save some green. Learn More   Product Brochure All Things EV MAP® Electric Vehicle Protection is Exclusionary Your EV customers will have the benefit of exclusionary coverage. This provides coverage for all assemblies, parts and the battery installed by the manufacturer, except those specifically excluded.   MAP® Electric Vehicle Protection also provides coverage.. Read More »
May.10th, 2017

MAP® Term Care

Coverage That Starts Where the Manufacturer's Warranty Stops MAP® Term Care protects consumers from the costs of repair of vehicle wear items which are typically excluded from the manufacturer’s warranty and from VSC coverage. This innovative product can be sold to supplement a vehicle service contract, to lease customers, and in the service drive.   MAP® Term Care provides coverage for the following items: 1 set of brake pad replacement 1 battery replacement 1 wiper blade replacement 1 wheel alignment   MAP® Term Care also provides unlimited coverage for: Head lamp bulb replacements Belt and hose replacements Fuse replacements Exterior and interior bulb replacements   Additional benefits include: Roadside assistance to include towing, spare tire changes, fluid delivery and locksmith services Rental reimbursement at $40 per day, up to a maximum of $200 Trip interruption at $125 per day, up.. Read More »
Mar.16th, 2017

MVP® — Road Hazard Tire Protection

Don’t let service traffic pass you by! Road Hazard Tire Protection is designed to create additional revenue, increase traffic and customer retention in the service drive with tire-only coverage. It repairs or replaces damaged tires due to road hazards.

Mar.16th, 2017

MVP® — Maintenance Value Program

According to industry research, customers who return to the selling dealership for service are twice as likely to purchase their next vehicle from the same dealership. So how do you convince cost-conscious buyers to choose your service drive over cheaper competitors? Equip them with the EFG Maintenance Value Program from the moment you hand them the keys.

Mar.16th, 2017

Best ReGuards Vehicle Protection

When weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a car, many people are concerned not only with price, but also what you can offer them that others don’t. Some of your most loyal customers are purchasing used vehicles that are no longer under manufacturer warranty. While they may not be able to afford your traditional vehicle service contract, they are very interested in purchasing mechanical breakdown protection for their vehicle.

Mar.16th, 2017

Second 2 None® Certified Pre-Owned

Consumers are becoming more educated as to the benefits of a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. In fact, 62% of consumers recently surveyed said they would actively seek out a CPO program on their next vehicle purchase. With Second 2 None, you can certify all eligible vehicles on your lot and provide value to your customers when they need it most.

Mar.16th, 2017

Verified Ride® Certified Pre-Owned

As a franchise dealer, how do you certify your non-OEM pre-owned vehicles? EFG has the answer: Verified Ridetm Certified. With Verified Ride, you can capture more of the used car market share by certifying your entire pre-owned inventory. With a certified vehicle, your customers loose the feeling of “Buyer Beware,” and replace it with confidence and excitement!

Mar.16th, 2017

Power X2® Powertrain Protection

As consumers continue to keep their cars longer, many are concerned about the high cost of vehicle repairs once their manufacturer’s warranty expires. Separate your dealership from the pack by providing your customers with coverage that specifically addresses their current and future needs.

Mar.16th, 2017

Drive Forever® Worry Free

When weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a new or used car, many people worry that they won’t be able to afford unexpected repairs in addition to a monthly car payment. Unfortunately for dealers, that’s the kind of logic that can stand in the way of a sale. But when you offer complimentary Drive Forever Limited Lifetime Powertrain Protection, you can close more deals by giving them the confidence to sign on the dotted line — and drive without worry for as long as they own the car.

Mar.16th, 2017

MAP® — Motorist Assistance Plan

Like all machines, cars eventually need repairs. And all too often, even those with a manufacturer’s warranty will require work that isn’t covered.

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